About the company

COMPLETE implements complex projects in corporate IT infrastructure design and development. We specialize in the creation and installation of engineering systems in buildings as well as data processing centers.
The company has operated as a systems integrator on the Russian IT market since 1994, and has offices in the main business centers of the Russian Federation. It has also built up a reliable network of partnerships in many parts of the country.
This is why COMPLETE succeeds in providing corporate clients all over Russia with the services they need to develop, expand, and maintain their IT systems. The company's headquarters, with its own data processing center, is located in Saint Petersburg.
Thanks to our experience and innovative know-how we can create personalized business solutions in the following areas:

Corporate IT infrastructure

COMPLETE offers services in the development, expansion, upgrading, and support of corporate IT systems. We offer complex technical solutions based on servers, data transfer and storage systems, and software.

Offered services include: system integration, projects in virtualization, cloud-based computing and unified communications, program solutions, complex technical support for your IT infrastructure, and much more.

The IT systems we create allow our clients to computerize their business processes, centralize the info management, reduce their IT costs, and increase cyber security.

Building Services Engineering

COMPLETE can install engineering networks in buildings of any complexity and functionality. Our experts develop and set up mechanical and electrical systems, low-voltage systems, fire alarm systems, as well as automation and dispatch systems.

We also specialize in the implementation of specialized engineering systems in data centers.

The COMPLETE building services engineering department has its own electronic lab, uses exclusively licensed software and has all the necessary permits and certificates.

Maintenance services for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. equipment

COMPLETE owns the federal network of RUS.SUPPORT service centers, authorized by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

RUS.SUPPORT is accredited to meet all European manufacturer standards, and our staff regularly passes special training programs and professional re-education courses.

This allows us to provide quick and top-quality warranty and post-warranty maintenance services for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. equipment.

COMPLETE Data Center

COMPLETE Data Center offers rent and administration services for your hardware and software, data backup, and Cisco-certified cloud storage.

Our data center is conveniently located within city limits, it corresponds to Tier III security level, and thanks to our own contact center, our customers can receive 24/7 technical support.

We guarantee the safety of your data as well as easy 24/7 access.

COMPLETE does not offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Every project is different and tailored to the individual client. The company’s clients include organizations from different fields of business who strive for a high-quality, efficient and manageable information infrastructure and want to get the very most out of their investments. These are primarily telecommunications companies, financial institutions and industrial enterprises.


We work to enable you to increase your potential
and have more freedom to do business.

COMPLETE contributes to the development and implementation of modern information technologies so that they can be put to effective use in all areas of business. Today, with IT and communications being the defining force behind successful personal and professional growth, anyone can access previously unattainable opportunities and freedoms with the help of the latest technologies.

Professional information management does not just mean the effective distribution of resources and control over a situation; it is also a leadership tool today, and a guarantee of confidence in the growth of both authority and income tomorrow.

We endeavor to make the whole limitless potential of new technology accessible to you.

You can be sure that it is you who is in charge of the system, and not vice-versa!


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